Red and Blue Jellyfish Yoga Mat - Non-Slip Rubber Yoga Mat Ideal for Hot Yoga & Pilates

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Size: 24” x 68”

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Red and Blue Jellyfish Yoga Mat - Non-Slip Rubber Yoga Mat Ideal for Hot Yoga & Pilates

Red and Blue Jellyfish Yoga Mat - Non-Slip Rubber Yoga Mat Ideal for Hot Yoga & Pilates

**Dive into Serenity with the Jellyfish Yoga Mat!** Experience a tranquil yoga session with our Red and Blue Jellyfish Yoga Mat. This mat is not just a fitness tool but a gateway to a peaceful and calm workout environment, inspired by the serene beauty of the ocean.

**Striking Design:** 

**Vivid Imagery:** The enchanting red and blue jellyfish design on the mat is more than just decoration; it's a visual escape, perfect for enhancing your yoga practice. -

**Color Therapy:** The harmonious blend of calming blues and energizing reds in the design promotes a sense of balance and focus, aiding in relaxation during your workouts.

**Superior Quality:** -

**Eco-Friendly Material:** Our yoga mat is made from sustainable, high-grade materials, showing respect for both your practice and the planet.

**Non-Slip Surface:** Designed for all types of yoga and fitness routines, the non-slip surface provides stability and safety, making it suitable for everything from hot yoga to Vinyasa.

**Ideal for Every Practice:** 

**Perfect Thickness:** At 3MM thickness, this mat offers comfortable cushioning suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. - **Microfiber Suede Top:** The luxurious microfiber suede top not only looks great but also provides a soft, absorbent surface for your practice.

**Versatile Use:** This mat isn't just for yoga; it's perfect for various fitness activities, meditation, or as a stylish floor mat for relaxing at home. **Dimensions:** - Length: 68 inches - Width: 24 inches - Thickness: 3 mm **Eco-Conscious and Easy to Maintain:** 

**Sustainable Practices:** Our commitment to the environment is reflected in the eco-friendly production of this yoga mat. - **Simple Cleaning Routine:** Keeping your mat in top condition is easy with a quick wipe using a damp cloth.

**Perfect Gift for Yoga Enthusiasts:** Our Red and Blue Jellyfish Yoga Mat makes a thoughtful and unique gift for yogis, perfect for birthdays, holidays, or a special treat for yourself. **Join the FNKY ROOSTER DESIGNS Community:** Support a passionate, independent creator focused on delivering unique, high-quality products. **Fast Shipping & Responsive Customer Service:** We're here to answer any questions and ensure a great shopping experience.