Teachers of the Light # 1 Canvas Print - Spiritual Wall Art Canvas Stretched, 1.25''

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Size: 12″ x 16″ (Vertical)
Depth: 1.25"

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Teachers of the Light # 1 Canvas Print - Spiritual Wall Art  Canvas Stretched, 1.25''

Teachers of the Light # 1 Canvas Print - Spiritual Wall Art Canvas Stretched, 1.25''

The Genesis

The "Teachers of the Light" canvas print was born from a transformative journey during an Ayahuasca ceremony . Our in-house artist, captivated by the mystical allure of Ayahuasca, embarked on a spiritual quest to explore the boundaries of consciousness and the mysteries of the universe.

The CeremonyGuided by a seasoned shaman, the artist participated in an ancient Ayahuasca ceremony. As the brew took effect, they were transported to a realm of swirling colors, intricate patterns, and ethereal landscapes. In this otherworldly space, they encountered the "Teachers of the Light"—spiritual guides that imparted wisdom and insights about the interconnectedness of all life.The RevelationThe experience was a revelation, a moment of pure, unfiltered understanding that transcended language and logic. It was as if the universe itself had whispered its secrets, revealing the profound link between the self and the cosmos. The artist returned from the journey forever changed, carrying with them an urgent need to share this newfound wisdom.

Why You'll Dig It:

🎨 **Psychedelic Artwork**: Crafted by our in-house artist, this piece is a visual trip, featuring the teachers of this ancient plant medicine that'll take you on a journey without leaving your room.-

🌱 **Eco-Friendly Canvas**: We're all about that Mother Earth love, so our canvas is top-tier and eco-friendly.-

🌈 **Vivid Imagery**: Our top-of-the-line printing makes sure the colors stay as vivid as your Ayahuasca experiences.-

🛠 **Ready to Hang**: No fuss, no muss. It comes ready to hang so you can get to the good part—enjoying your new art!

Ideal For:- Your sacred space or meditation nook- A conversation-starter in your living room- A unique gift for the spiritual explorer in your life

Sizes: All Sizes are on our premium 1.25" Thick Canvas. Perfect for hanging with a frame or without. We got you covered—pick from multiple sizes to vibe with your space!

So why wait? Elevate your space and your spirit with the "Teachers of the Light: The Ayahuasca Edition" canvas print. It's more than art; it's an experience.